Congratulations on your engagement!  At Biowoman Salon, we are dedicated to making your wedding day perfect and fabulous .  Our experienced hair stylists will consult with you to discuss design options, then use their expert techniques to help you achieve the perfect look for your locks – whether your style is on-trend, traditional, natural, or avant-garde.

Special Occasion

Is it prom, an anniversary, your birthday, or a special date? Whatever the occasion, our stylists will ensure that you fabulous.
Starting at $150

Wedding Package 

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, so of course you want to entrust yourself to the expert stylists at Biowoman Salon. Onside Wedding Package

If you are looking for our skilled team to come to your location the day of the wedding, this is the perfect package for you. We bring the Salon to you!  This package is only available for wedding parties that consist of 5 or more people.

$150 per person, includes Professional Make-Up & Wedding Style.

In-Salon Wedding Package

Great package for Brides that enjoy being pampered at the Salon.  We offer a relaxing environment, with aroma therapy, and a Professional Team that will take great care of you.

$100 per person, includes Professional Make-Up & Wedding Style



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